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I don't know why

but I find my self playing this over and over :)

pokemon puzzle league

nice nice

this game...

makes me want to play FF6, golden sun, or Baten Kaidos, so I think I will...

graphics: smooth and flash-tastic
story: (yep story this is an RPG) standard
gameplay: CRAMPED everything is so close to gether in this game it's annoyig, battling is standard
music: reminds me of the games I mentioned above, which which makes me want to play them, and not this game.

to all who downvote this: get mad

quality control

seriously it lags alot get in the way a tad

unimagiative and dull

I feel like you when AS:Main and found a platformer code then applied it. There is no thought, effort, or creativity in this game. The gameplay is awkward at best and boring. There are at least 20 games of this style on Newgrounds already, and more than half of them are WAY better then this lackluster crap that you spit at the portal. Even if you have a sponsor that doesn't mean that is any good. Thank you and good day.

50 points

My friend you ought to give me more incentive than that to hold down a button for 60 minutes, click 10,000 times or leave my computer on for 14 hours. Not even 100 points. But the presentation is nice and I like the music. This is just a terrible game concept.

this should be good

the gameplay is ok but why after 30 secs or so, is the stage filled with enemies. this ins't "hard" there's just an absolutely ridiculous ammount of enemies. To the point of unplayability. 2/5 because the engine is okay.

People giving low scores 'cause of "controls."

You are all failures. The is most definitely one of the best games on Newgrounds, a close decimal of a point, second to FPA: 2
The style was entertaining. The game play refreshingly challenging. Very satisfying. And above all, a great time killer. Team Mic is awesome.


It's a great game. But Derekmcalisterrr has a point though, the sizae of the stage is pretty pretty huge, I had to hit F11 to see it all. That is something to keep in mind for your next game.

The game's engine is perfect.

Don't fuck with it. However go easier on the amount of enemies, the frame rate drops when alot of enemies appear which may be a problem for older comps. Otherwise just take lolofdoom's suggestion, and you'll have a great game on your hands.

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