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this was ok? I mean most of these jokes have been done before and executed a lot better. It seems more mean spirited ripping than just satirical. I could conclude that there's some bitterness behind it. I guess gamegrumps has gotten to be so well known that mean-spiritedly attacking them is popular now.

the coloring is nice.

Speedo responds:

Jesus, I can't parody things since people think its all out of jealousy and bitterness now

I thought there'd be 16bit music :(

didn't anyone else see the title and think there'd be 16bit music? I am disappointed

they looked like bobble heads

this thing was in the works for awhile but the art sucks, true I can't draw for anything but at least try to keep everything in preportion. I wasn't impressed with your overuse of light trails and the glow filter ethier.

this is a huge disapointment

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I don't know why

but I find my self playing this over and over :)

pokemon puzzle league

nice nice

this game...

makes me want to play FF6, golden sun, or Baten Kaidos, so I think I will...

graphics: smooth and flash-tastic
story: (yep story this is an RPG) standard
gameplay: CRAMPED everything is so close to gether in this game it's annoyig, battling is standard
music: reminds me of the games I mentioned above, which which makes me want to play them, and not this game.

to all who downvote this: get mad

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this seems alittle... forced

I don't know Jazza, you are a good artist but it seems to me that you kinda forced the vocals, and the timing on "eyes" was a little out of sync. Your voice kinda died at the first time you sing "slowy" it's too low. Your vocals also sound staccato and make me want to listen to the original song. (I think it's safe to say that covers should be able to stand on there own and be as enjoyable to listen to) it gets better at around 1:25 and flows more.

Personally (being only a violin player in a highschool orchestra as experience) I think you should attempt to master it better. Your voice is distinct from Adam Young, and I think the first part needs to flow more, rather than that staccato I mentioned above. I loved the Pico Day Song, but this can and ought to be better.


reminds me of pink floyd, keeps me focused except for the guitar

Eirun responds:

Yep, the guitar grabs attention a little too much. Thanks for the constructive criticism!

meh you tried to hard

to make this sound epic, the screams don't work to well, and the singing needs improvement... otherwise it's decent. Not epic but decent. don't try so hard

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Bitey should be in there too.

that's a fat t-rex

he looks like of like a meatball


that is impressive. The ArP needs more of this (class anyway maybe not subject)

WieldtheKey responds:

Haha thanks, yeah 300 is a bit overdone, but I couldn't resist.

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