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this was ok? I mean most of these jokes have been done before and executed a lot better. It seems more mean spirited ripping than just satirical. I could conclude that there's some bitterness behind it. I guess gamegrumps has gotten to be so well known that mean-spiritedly attacking them is popular now.

the coloring is nice.

Speedo responds:

Jesus, I can't parody things since people think its all out of jealousy and bitterness now

I thought there'd be 16bit music :(

didn't anyone else see the title and think there'd be 16bit music? I am disappointed

they looked like bobble heads

this thing was in the works for awhile but the art sucks, true I can't draw for anything but at least try to keep everything in preportion. I wasn't impressed with your overuse of light trails and the glow filter ethier.

this is a huge disapointment

Ya know what I find interesting...

I'm enjoying the dialogue in this episode especially the bazzar and the inn, I think the dialogue between zelda (Rina-chan) and link (Scoot) feels a tad awkward, now maybe you intended that, but I think that you (Scoot right? heh) and Rina-chan should work on actor chemistry. I know Rina-chan is a very requested voice-actor but I'm just saying.

In terms of animation well, this isn't Brakkenwood but it works and is well done and the story is exicuted well enough to keep me interested (plus I'm a zelda fan, that helps) so it's a-ok. the only thing that bothered me was the scene with Agligov (sp, sorry) where you pan the shot with the window the 3d effect and the character didn't match up and the window skewed awkwardly but other than that, it was cool.

Keep going until this story your brewing comes to a close. Alright!!!

turd of the week

nuff said

kanamomashouse responds:

Lol. :3

Wow this is boring

It's looks to me like you were trying to copy Egoraptor's art, but you didn't capture the essence of his animation, plus you don't have his voice talent. So this is pretty much a shell of Egoraptor's style. You really ought to focus on your own ideas. And work on your voice. Come up with something that's your own.

It's been hella long

Welcome back.


#1 on Newgrounds... Ding!

chrisjulian0 responds:

Ha Ha. Hell yeah

I'm pissed

I swear I would have actually made somthing for this, but, school man.
But it's great really

This movie...

causes insomnia.

It's so infectious, I couldn't sleep for hours.

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